Am. CH. Smithaven’s UPS Special Delivery DM

Del is part of the  “UPS” litter…….”dad” was shipped from Florida “on time and in good condition” !!

"....and he loves his 'blankie'....!!"

Young Del

........and Del isn't just a pretty face - he is an avid retriever !

Lovely head!

Del's Health Clearances

Hips OFA GR-107884G24M-VPI

Elbows OFA GR-EL2848M24-VPI
Eyes OFA GR-EYE1743/54M-VPI
Heart OFA GR-CA21573/12M/C-PI
Thyroid MSU Normal

prcd-PRA Status: NORMAL/CLEAR (Optigen 12-9168)
PRA1 Status: NORMAL/CLEAR (Optigen 12-9168)
Ichthyosis Status: CARRIER (Antagene 12-9168)

Del is owned by June Smith

Del's Pedigree