Smithaven’s Life Of The Party RN WC

  I really love the above photo of Mr. G – but now I have an up-to-date photo of him, at 13 mos. – pretending to be “all grown up” !!!

Gatsby's Health Clearances  

Hips OFA GR-115363G24M-VPI

Elbows OFA GR-EL35545M24-VPI

Eyes OFA GR-EYE6983/25M-VPI

Heart OFA GR-CA27774/14M/C-VPI

prcd-PRA Status: NORMAL/CLEAR (Optigen 15-7711)

PRA1 Status: NORMAL/CLEAR (Optigen 15-7711)

PRA2 Status: NORMAL/CLEAR (Optigen 15-7711)

Ichthyosis Status: Carrier (Optigen 15-7711)



Gatsby is owned by June Smith and Claire Caro




Gatsby's Pedigree